Brazilian Court Prevents Cavalcanti from Suspending Recife’s Diocesan Council 

The Courts acted with agility. In a decision expedited by a judge of the 31st Recife Civil Jurisdiction, the deposition presented by Robinson Cavalcanti with the intention of suspending the XXIV Council of the Recife Anglican Diocese, was rejected on Monday last September 12. Cavalcanti “forgot” to inform the judge that he had been deposed as bishop of the Brazilian Anglican Episcopal Church and hence was no longer representing the Recife Anglican Diocese.

This is not the first time that the “so-called bishop” appeals to the Courts in an effort to obstruct the Brazilian Church from carrying out its activities. Robinson omitted to mention to the magistrate the preceding and
preventive judicial decisions of the District judge of the 16th Jurisdiction of the Capital, in the lawsuit records of the process, number 001.2005.004782-6, and of the High Court Judge of the 4th Civil Chamber of the Pernambuco Justice Tribunal, Judge Eloy DAlmeida Lins, in the lawsuit records of Appeal number122540-5, which attests to his suspension and his dismissal from Episcopal functions and from representing as such the Recife Anglican Diocese.

From Rev. Senomar Teixeira, a BAEC and Diocesan lawyer, “He (Robinson Cavalcanti) acted in bad faith and ideological falsity, omitting to mention the Court decisions that removed him from Episcopal functions. Bishop
Filadelfo Neto is the legitimate Diocesan authority and has the powers to convoke a Council. All decisions, canonical reforms and ordinations that took place over the weekend are confirmed.”

It is clear to the Church and to the Courts that Robinson is no longer an Anglican bishop. He does not represent the Anglican Church and has lost all priestly prerogatives, for he was deposed from his orders. In participating
in activities, presenting himself as a bishop of the Recife Anglican Church, Cavalcanti is trying to mislead those who have not yet become aware of the facts and decisions of the BAEC, which have already been acknowledged by the Brazilian Courts.


Christina Takatsu Winnischofer

Secretary General of IEAB