IEAB Representatives Take Part of TEC’s Executive Council Meeting

Members of the Episcopal Church’s Executive Council spent a large portion of the second day of a three-day meeting in Dearborn, Michigan, October 27 hearing about the mission and ministry of its covenant partners in Brazil, Central America, Liberia, Mexico and the Philippines.

The Primate of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, Bp. Maurício Andrade, said the church in Brazil has nine dioceses and one missionary district covering the entire country comprising about 120,000 Anglicans. He said the church has engaged in a deliberate expansion plan over the last 20 years, and has companion diocese relationships with domestic dioceses including Atlanta, California, Central Pennsylvania, Indianapolis and Massachusetts.

“We are a living church,” said the Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis Silva (Secretary-General of IEAB). “We are a church that is relevant in the Brazilian context and a church that has its own way of being that is very unique within the Anglican Communion.”

The provincial secretary called the Brazilian church “a place where we respect all individuals” and diversity including that of gender and sexual orientation. He also said that the church must be a “firm and strong witness” to a country “on the cusp” of becoming fully developed.

The Brazilian Church “rejects any attempt to introduce into the Anglican Communion any practices that are foreign to our traditions, our historical tradition, our evangelism, and our inspiration in God,” Andrade told the Council.

At the end of the presentations, Presiding-Bishop of The Episcopal Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, told the Council that the primates of the covenant partners met October 26 and, in part, discussed the possibility of a covenant among themselves “that might be an example to the rest of the Communion of what an Anglican covenant could look like.”

The Primate and the Secretary-General were invited by Presiding-Bishop Katharine Schori to share their thoughts at TEC’s Executive Council and World Missions Committee.

Photo: Primate and Secretary-General talking to the Executive Council (courtesy Episcopal News Service)

Text adapted from an Episcopal News Service article.


Luiz Coelho

Communications WG Member