Second Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Human Sexuality 

At the end of 2007, the First Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on Human Sexuality completed ten years of age.  Between the first one and this one, many tensions happened (and still happen) in the Anglican Communion, because of this pastoral and theological theme.  In our Province, we have also lived the consequences of such tensions.

That said, after ten years, the House of Bishops has decided to reflect upon the same theme again and elaborated a Pastoral Letter reaffirming values they consider essential, taking into account the Theology and Word of God.  The objective is to provide subsides to the Church as a whole, aiming at capacitating us in pastoral actions towards such important subjects.

The second pastoral letter can be read through this link .

The first pastoral letter can be read through this link.

The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis Silva

Secretary General of IEAB