Primates’ Meeting starts in Dublin

Primates from across the Anglican Communion are meeting at the Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre in Dublin, Ireland, for the next six days.

The Primates, who are the senior bishops or archbishops of a province of the Anglican family of churches, were invited from all 38 Provinces. Some were not able to attend, due to several reasons. They are joined by the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev. John Sentamu, and by Anglican Communion staff.

The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, Primate of IEAB spoke to the Anglican Communion News Service. He expressed his hope that “dialogue continues between the different parts of the Anglican Communion.” He also pointed out that “if it is possible to sit together with different ecumenical and interfaith partners, how much more do we need to continue to sit down and dialogue with bishops from other parts of the Communion.”

The Anglican Communion News Service is releasing daily news stories about the event. IEAB will release them in Portuguese as well.


Luiz Coelho

Communications WG Member