Innauguration of the Office of the General Secretary of IEAB

On the evening of April 14, at the temple of the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Anglican Diocese of São Paulo (DASP), an evening prayer service was held to ask for God’s blessing and officially inaugurate the Office of the General Secretary of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB).

The event was attended by Presiding Bishop Maurício Andrade and Diocesan Bishop Roger Bird, who both conducted the solemn service. The following representatives were also present:

IEAB – Glauco Soares (Presiding Bishop of the IEAB from 1994-2003), Magda Pereira (Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of Brasília), Mitsuo Noyama (Priest of the DASP), Sebastião do Prado (Deacon at Most Holy Trinity Parish), Leandro Campos (Priest-in-Charge at All Saints Church in Santos and Secretary of the DASP), Marco Chamadoira (Rector’s Warden of Most Holy Trinity Parish), Anthea Paterson (member of the Diocesan Council of the DASP), Sandra Andrade (Coordinator of the Anglican Service for Diakonia and Development – SADD) and a diocesan and parochial representative of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil Women’s Group (UMEAB).

Ecumenical movement – Luiz Alberto Barbosa (Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Brasília and Executive Secretary of the Brazil Council of Christian Churches – CONIC), Gregório Teodoro (Priest of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church and representative of the Fraternity Movement of Christian Churches – MOFIC), Renato Bauermann (National Treasurer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil – IELB), Daniel Souza (Regional Facilitator of the Ecumenical Youth Network – REJU), Mara Luz (Coordinator of Christian Aid in Brazil), Dimas Galvão (Representative of the Ecumenical Office for Service Coordination – CESE), Anivaldo Padilha and Ester Lisboa (Representatives of Koinonia Ecumenical Presence and Service), Roberto Cavalcante (Priest of the United Presbyterian Church of Brazil), Mario Rost (Priest of the IELB and Manager of Institutional Development of the Bible Society of Brazil – SBB), Darli Alves de Souza (Presbyter of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil and Regional Secretary for Brazil of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI)) and Bernard Hervy (Roman Catholic Priest and representative of Christian Action Against Torture in Brazil – ACAT and the Christian Workers Movement – MTC).

Hence more than 65 people representing the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity and other entities attended the service.

The following messages were sent directly to the presiding bishop and the general secretary:

“… I will be with you in spirit and in prayer; your work is so important and meaningful for our beloved IEAB” – Naudal Gomes, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Curitiba

“… I am happy that yet another general secretary of an ecumenical church is being installed in São Paulo, a place that has been a ‘center of ecumenical events’” – Vera Roberto, of the Black Empowerment Group (Pastoral da Negritude) of the CLAI/Brazil

“… Together with the Diocese I pray to God that all goes well. Congratulations to you for your courage and generosity! I think the decision is the right one for the future of the Church” – Sebastião Armando, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Recife

“… We desire the rich blessings of the Eternal Father at this event and in the lives of our general secretary and his staff” – Filadélfo Oliveira, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro

“… Undoubtedly, the move will bring great challenges for both the IEAB and the DASP, as well as the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity and Rev. Arthur himself… and I hope the new experience serves the demands of service and witness of the IEAB” – Dr. Pedro Triana, Priest of the DASP

In his homily and reflection on John 10:19-42, Bishop Andrade emphasized the importance of hearing the voice of Jesus Christ amid the challenges in the life of the Church. He also encouraged laypeople and clergy alike to continue to honor, with courage and confidence, the mission confided to the IEAB.

Traditional hymns from the Brazil’s Episcopal Hymnal and songs from the ecumenical movement were sung. The service ended with the song SAMPA (by Caetano Veloso) performed by musicians Xico Esvael and Marisa Gurgel.

After the service, all those present were invited to visit the personal office of the general secretary and the office of the IEAB used by the assistant to the general secretary and the Anglican bookstore. Many people had the chance to see the Gallery of Presiding Bishops and the panels of the Lambeth Conferences.

A cocktail was offered by the diocesan section of the UMEAB, Most Holy Trinity Parish, and the Office of the General Secretary.

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The Rev. Arthur Cavalcante

Provincial Secretary of IEAB