The National Comission of Liturgy

Occurred between days 30 and 31 May, at the premises of the General Secretariat of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) in São Paulo, the meeting of the National Comission of Liturgy to follow up the reconfiguration of the Book of Common Prayer (LOC) and the Episcopal Hymnal (HE). The Church of Brazil uses since 1984, the LOC in its “Short and Updated Form with the Liturgical Psalms” and  the 1st edition of  HE from 1962. Since then, the IEAB has released reprints of this two books of liturgy.

Taking into consideration the pastoral and theological  demands that have been discussed and requested to the Synod, the Bishop Primate Dom Mauricio Andrade (President of the Liturgical Commission) convened the Committee to analyze and review the liturgical proposals and present them, systematized as a new edition of Book of Common Prayer and the Episcopal Hymnal for 2013. Currently the Liturgical Commission (elected at the Synod of 2010) is composed of: Rev. Flavio Irala (Anglican Diocese of Curitiba), Mrs. Cristina Martins de Carvalho (South Western Diocese), Reverend Marinez Bassotto (Southern Diocese) and Reverend Arthur Cavalcante (General Secretary / Anglican Diocese of São Paulo).

During the two days of meetings, the Commission participated in several moments of video conferences with Reverend Dessordi Peres (Custodian of the LOC-member ex-officio of the Commission / Southern Diocese) and the Most Reverend Bishop Orlando Santos de Oliveira (Southern Diocese). The singer / songwriter Xico Esvael (Anglican Diocese of São Paulo) was present as guest of the Commission.

From this meeting were given the following referrals:

· The construction of the basic structure of the next edition of the LOC to be submitted at the next national meeting of the House of Bishops and Executive Council (August 20-23).

· From the Commission’s work began to outline proposals for a Book of Rites and Occasional Alternative to be presented on a  second stage.

· In relation to HE has been suggested with the support of the Primate, the formation of a subcommittee, having the Rev. Flavio Irala as coordinator. The intention is to continue with the review of existing hymns and introduction of new hymns suggested from the context of the Brazilian communities. The Commission gave a period of six months to the subcommittee to present a proposal for the Hymnal.

· The creation of a space at the IEAB website where will be shared advances and subsidies on the LOC and HE by the Commission. The young Luiz Coelho (Candidate for Holy Orders of DARJ) will be responsible for preparing this website.

Attended the meeting Mr. Eduardo Proença, from Fonte Editorial, a company that is responsible for scanning, typesetting and printing of the LOC. The Anglican Bookstore will be ahead of the market and in partnership with Fonte, intend to distribute in other bookstores, reaching beyond the Anglican public.

The next meeting of the National Liturgy is scheduled to take place between November 13-14 in São Paulo and expects to meet its mission until the next Synod in June 2013.