Solidarity with the victims of the tragedy in Santa Maria

At dawn this Sunday (27th) the city of Santa Maria (in the State of Rio Grande do Sul) suffered a communal tragedy: a fire at a night club led to the death of 240 people, according to the latest bulletin of the Military Brigade.

The Provincial Secretary, Rev. Arthur Cavalcante, telephoned Bishop Francisco de Assis (Diocese Sul Ocidental) to wish the solidarity of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) to the public of Santa Maria and to seek more information about the incident. The bishop communicated that an ecumenical note will be shared with the public as a result of this tragedy, and extended his thanks for the many messages of solidarity from all of Brazil and from Anglican churches worldwide. The Cathedral of Santa Maria, located close to the site of the tragedy, held a prayer vigil this Sunday.

The Primate Maurício Andrade, who is on a pastoral visit in Goiás, also sent to Bishop Francisco a message of solidarity to the families in mourning, and that he is in prayer for the city of Santa Maria.

In the morning, Brazil woke up with the news of the tragedy in Santa Maria that the fire at Boate Kiss caused the death of 232 persons and the hospitalization of more than 130.

“In the name of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) and with immense pain, we express our solidarity with the families of these youths, beseeching God in his infinite mercy and goodness to embrace and strengthen each mourning family. We stand in solidarity with our brother Dom Francisco de Assis da Silva, Bishop of the Diocese Sul Ocidental, with its headquarters in the city of Santa Maria, and we invite all to the Church to place all the families in prayer: that Omnipotent God comfort and console all the families. In the love of God. Maurício Andrade, Primate of the IEAB.”

There is news that many parishes of the IEAB are in prayer for the victims of this tragedy. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy. (Book of Common Prayer)