We are Anglicans and speak the Portuguese Language! 

The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil welcome between  February 26-28 in Recife / PE, the second meeting of Portuguese speaking Dioceses of the Anglican Communion with support from the Anglican Communion Office, the Anglican Alliance and the US (formerly USPG).

According to the Primate Bishop of the IEAB Dom Francisco de Assis Silva “(…) the meeting will be an opportunity to strengthen ties between the Portuguese-speaking churches, opening possibilities of cooperation in the areas of  Theological Education, Diakonia and Development and Mission”. He also points out that  “(…) the Portuguese-speaking Anglicans have a large contribution to make to the Anglican Communion. The Brazilian delegation at the meeting brings together key representatives of the Province, thus revealing what a great importance this initiave is for Brazil.”

We currently have a population of 267 396 837 Portuguese speaking people in the world.

Besides the Primate Bishop Dom Francisco de Assis Silva and the Provincial General Secretary Rev. Arthur Cavalcante, there will be other provincial representations such as: UMEAB (Union of Episcopal Anglican Women of Brazil), SADD (Anglican Services of Diakonia and Development), CEA (Anglican Studies Center) and the  Youth Working Group.

The Portuguese Speaking Dioceses of the Anglican Communion will have the opportunity to share their achievements and challenges as Anglicans in Europe (Luzitana Church), Africa ( Diocese of Lebombo, Diocese of Niassa and the Diocese of Angola) and Latin America ( the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil).

There will be a very important moment called WEBINAR (February 27th at 11am) open to participation, questions and comments “(…) on the challenges and opportunities that this meeting offers for the present and the future of the churches involved and the people served.” For registration : use the site Anglian Alliance o contact Paul Ueti on the website paulo.ueti@anglicancommunion.org.