Former Bishop Edmund Knox Sherrill Dies

The Rev Bishop Edmund Knox Sherrill, retired bishop of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB) 1959-1985, died peacefully this morning Oct 2, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bishop Edmund Knox Sherrill was the last of the bishops from the Episcopal Church of the United States that served as missionaries in Brazil. He was the son of Henry Knox Sherrill, Presiding Bishop of TEC between 1947-1958. He is survived by his wife Elizabeth, his children Elizabeth, Florence and Henry, and his grandchildren.

The Most Reverend Dom Francisco Assis da Silva, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, is deeply grateful for the life of Bishop Sherrill and his missionary work and ministries in Brazil. Please know that our prayers and the prayers of the Church are with the family during this time. Funeral arrangements have not been announced as yet. Condolences can be sent to the Office of the Secretary General .