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    IEAB’s Primate thanks the Most Rev. Rowan Williams for his leadership as Archbishop of Canterbury 

    After reading about the leaving of Archbishop Rowan William at the end of 2012 I immediately wanted to express my thank you for the 10 years of loving service and dedication to the Anglican Communion.

    I was able to host him in Brazil in two different moments. Firstly when I was the Provincial Secretary and we hosted the Primate’s Meeting, in Gramado, in 2003. Secondly, after I became a Bishop of the Diocese of Brasilia, during the World Church Council Assembly in Porto Alegre in 2006.

    Since 2007, I have been working closely with him in every Primate’s Meeting since Dar es Salaan, Tanzania.

    These past 10 years were challenging and tense and I have seen Archbishop Rowan facing all adversities with faith in the Communion’s unity and strength.

    In the midst of these challenges, Archbishop Rowan leaves us all a legacy that needs to be reaffirmed and we must thank him for all the concrete actions he has been carrying out such as Lambeth Conference’s methodology in 2008, the humbleness with which he has conducted the Primates Meetings and the creation of the Anglican Alliance.

    Dear Archbishop Rowan, I thank God for yor life, mission and for your family.


    The Most Revd Mauricio Andrade

    Primate of IEAB

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – fourth and fifth days 

    The Compass Rose group is now in the Amazon. Read more news stories about their trip on http://compassrose.ieab.org.br. Yesterday, the group was split in two and visited important programs of the Anglican Diocese of the Amazon. So far, the group has been in Belém, Gurupá and Santa Izabel do Pará.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – third day 

    Bishop Philip Poole and Canon Kenneth Kearon talked to an audience of more than one hundred people at the Cathedral of the Redeemer’s parish hall. Bishop Poole explained what the Compass Rose Society is about, while Canon Kearon gave a talk on the state of the Anglican Communion. People from the audience asked a few questions. Two online viewers also sent questions which were answered as well. People from the Cathedral’s congregation prepared a delicious meal for all guests, which included some typical Brazilian plates. All of us in Rio are very thankful for the work of the Compass Rose Society and for this opportunity, and wish all of them a safe travel to Belém!

    The website http://compassrose.ieab.org.br has more news stories about the Compass Rose mission trip to Brazil.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – second day 

    On the second day of the Compass Rose visit, members went to Cidade de Deus, a poor community in Rio de Janeiro. There, they learned more about Christ the King Church and visited its ecumenical partners.

    Visit http://compassrose.ieab.org.br for more stories.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – first day 

    On the first day of the Compass Rose Society visit to Brazil, members went to Araras, a district of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro State. There, they visited the Anglican School, St. Michael and All Angels’ Mission and other projects coordinated by Anglican Social Action Rio de Janeiro.

    After that, the group visited areas that were affected by floods and mudslides. Many of the visitors, who represented sister churches of the Anglican Communion, witnessed a bit of the devastation that took place in the mountainous Rio de Janeiro countryside.

    More news stories about the Compass Rose Society visit to Brazil can be read on http://compassrose.ieab.org.br.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    IEAB in solidarity with the Japanese People 

    São Paulo, march 11th de 2011.

    To the bishops, clergy and people of the Church in Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai),

    Greetings in Christ Jesus!

    “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124, 8

    On behalf of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil, I would like to stand in solidarity and prayer with the Japanese people in this time of calamity due to an earthquake which brought destruction and death.

    We have followed news stories coming from Japan with anxiety and despair. Our Church offers prayers for you that you may recover quickly from this catastrophe. The pain which you all feel is, on a different level, also felt by us.

    Our faith communities, especially this Sunday, will offer prayers for all people affected by this catastrophe in Japan.

    God have mercy on us and save us from every evil!


    The Rev. Arthur Cavalcante

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    Primates’ Meeting starts in Dublin 

    Primates from across the Anglican Communion are meeting at the Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre in Dublin, Ireland, for the next six days.

    The Primates, who are the senior bishops or archbishops of a province of the Anglican family of churches, were invited from all 38 Provinces. Some were not able to attend, due to several reasons. They are joined by the Archbishop of York, the Most Rev. John Sentamu, and by Anglican Communion staff.

    The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, Primate of IEAB spoke to the Anglican Communion News Service. He expressed his hope that “dialogue continues between the different parts of the Anglican Communion.” He also pointed out that “if it is possible to sit together with different ecumenical and interfaith partners, how much more do we need to continue to sit down and dialogue with bishops from other parts of the Communion.”

    The Anglican Communion News Service is releasing daily news stories about the event. IEAB will release them in Portuguese as well.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    IEAB saddened by death of Bishop Nerva Cot Aguilera 

    ENS reports that “Retired Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Cuba Nerva Cot Aguilera died suddenly on July 10 after a brief battle with severe anemia.” She was 71 years old and became the first woman bishop in Latin America.

    The primate of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brazil, the Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, emphasized that, as a church, “we are united with our Cuban brothers and sisters at this time of sorrow due to the death of bishop Nerva.”

    Bishop Nerva is survived by her husband, the Very Rev. Juan Ramon de la Paz Cerezo, who is dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Havana, and by three children: two daughters and a son. One of her daughters, the Rev. Marianela de la Paz Cot, has done postgraduate work at the Escola Superior de Teologia (affiliated with the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession), in São Leopoldo, Brazil.


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    IEAB Publishes Official Note on the Proposed Ugandan Bill 

    “Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” (Blaise Pascal)

    International society has, throughout its long history, adopted new levels of conscience and freedom and gradually overcome several ways of excluding human beings because of their race, economic status, culture, beliefs and sexuality. We understand this process as a consequence of God’s love for humankind. The Church, as part of it, has the responsibility of courageously defending the advancement of respect for all peoples, based in the law of love.

    The Church itself accepted discrimination in the past, and in many cases helped promote people’s exclusion, revealing its incapacity of responding to its own time’s demands. God’s spirit, however, has challenged the Church to understand that nobody has the right to act, or consent to actions, against any innocent person. This process of gradual spiritual enlightenment has allowed the Church to integrate those who, until very recently, were discriminated because of their ethnicity, opinion, gender and sexuality.

    We express, in the light of the Gospel, our deep opposition to legal measures currently being studied in Uganda in order to implement an unacceptable persecution to homosexual people. First of all, such measures take us back to a time of ignorance and barbarity. They are gravely against human rights, and an unacceptable measure in our times. Also, no Christian is allowed to persecute or even threaten other human beings because of the way they live their sexuality. It is acceptable not to agree with someone, but it is an abomination to exert prejudice towards anybody.

    An eventual approval of such measures demands a clear and eloquent witness against the imposition of a de facto police state, and for the defense that every person is able to live fully (including their sexual orientation) within the principles of love, mutual respect and commitment to life. In a world where poverty and hunger kill more than wars, governments should be more concerned about fostering a society where there are no excluded people for any reason. Laws that end up promoting discrimination and exclusion, despite being abominable and contrary to human rights, end up masking unsolved problems that Uganda needs to face.

    As a final word, we remember that God’s main wish is that we live in love. Our faith tells us that “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” (Gl 3:28). The Law was already fulfilled by Jesus and we are entitled to manifest the Divine Grace in the world by ardently and compassionately loving all human beings.

    “He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” (Psalm 33:5)

    The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade

    Primate of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil

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    IEAB Responds to the Proposed Anglican Covenant 

    An official response to the Ridley Draft of the Anglican Covenant was published.  It reaffirms IEAB’s interest in engaging in conversation with fellow Anglicans around the world, while noting that an Anglican Covenant is not necessarily an appropriate way to do so.

    IEAB’s response also points out that our laity and clergy overwhelmingly support the first three sections of the covenant. However, to most Brazilian Anglicans, the fourth section presents some problems that need to be more thoroughly discussed.

    The official response can be accessed here: http://www.ieab.org.br/documentos/Pacto-IEAB-Efinal.pdf

    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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