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    “Do not forget us”, plea from the indigenous leaders of the Guarani-Kaiowá to the IEAB 

    Last week, members of the IEAB were part of an ecumenical mission in favor of the rights of indigenous peoples

    The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil – IEAB, was part of the  ”Ecumenical Mission” for the second consecutive year. This is a partnership with the CESE – Coordinator of the Ecumenical Service, CIMI – Indigenous Council, CEBI – Center for Biblical Studies and CONIC – National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil. Over the past year the illegal exploitation of land by loggers, landowners and fazenderos are a symptom of a national problem that Brazil confronts regarding land ownship.The region of Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the most affected. The Guarani-Kaiowa and the Terena people, who are still awaiting the demarcation of the their indigenous land, suffer the consequences of a strong wave of violence as a result of these unresolved land issues. Hundreds of Guarani-Kaiowa and Terena people have been removed from their ancestral homes for  agribusiness in the form of soya plantations and cattle raising.


    According to CIMI, over the past 12 years, more than 500 people committed suicide and another 390 were brutally murdered in the onslaught of removing families from areas for agribusiness, which originally belonged to the indigenous people. The different organizations that form the ecumenical mission strongly advocated for an investigation of the abuse suffered by the Guarani-Kaiowa and Terena people. On June 14, near the village of the Guarani-Kaiowá in the municipality of Caarapo, an indigenous community health worker Achilles Clodiodi Rodrigues de Souza, twenty-three years old, was shot dead, and another 5 Guarani were taken with severe gunshot wounds to the local hospital in Dourados/MS. As reported by the residents of the area,  men in trucks, tractors and motorcycles were shooting for all sides.

    After the incident, a large group of indigenous people dispersed and occupied land in order to protect themselves. This has generated conflict with the owners of those lands. Clodiodi was buried at the site of the attack and his grave has become a symbol of the struggle of the Guarani-Kaiowa and Terena peoples to regain their land.

    Days 14 and 15 July, return of the mission: “N’handeru had said that there will be resistance!”

    The IEAB took part along with other members of the ecumenical mission in a public act in front of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. The ecumenical group expressed its total support to the indigenous cause, pleaded for the immediate end to killings and conflicts and to work towards the resolution of the conflicts.

    In attendance were Bishop Flavio Irala, Bishop of the Diocese of Sao Paulo and President of CONIC, Dom Naudal Alves Gomes, Bishop of the Diocese of Curitiba and chairman of the National Committee of Public Incidence of IEAB, the missionaries that are members of  Mission Desk of The IEAB, Monica Vega and Heidi Schmidt, Vagner Mendes, staff member of the Secretary General of the IEAB, Rev. Hugo Sanchez, Rector of the Mission of the inclusion in Campo Grande – MS, along with the parishioners Emanuel, Lucy, Cleide and Maria Helena.

    A very powerful moment was experienced as the tribes greeted and danced together and welcomed the religious leaders who came to express their support to the native people. They danced together and the ecumenical mission was blessed in accordance with the Guarani-Kaiowa and Terena people’s faith.

    Meeting with the Federal Justice Judge

    After the public act in support of the rights of indigenous peoples, the members of the mission, together with the indigenous people, were received by the attorney general of the state. The attorney general explained all the legal measures that were taken since the last gathering in Oct 2015. The indigenous leaders took the opportunity to bring their grievances, especially the lack of effective responses to their pleas, with particular emphasis on the long overdue demarcation of their indigenous land. The ecumenical mission committed itself to follow-up in this process. At the end of the meeting the caravan continued its journey toward Dourados, where they arrived in the evening and were hosted by St Andrew’s Catholic Church. St Andrew’s parish offered dinner and a time for conversations with 3 Guarani leaders. As we sat in a circle and listened attentively to the stories and the pleas of the Guarani-Kaiowa, it was very clear that the indigenous people carry within an ancestral pain due to the loss of their land and the way of living at the hands of the landowners. The haunting echo of the few words told to us by the leaders still resonates as the lament of the prophets of the Old Testament, “do not forget us”.

    Visit to Caarapo

    The village of the Guarani-Kaiowa is located at the Yvu farm, more than 270km from Campo Grande, the state capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. This was the meeting place for the caravan and the indigenous leaders, together with their people. This was another powerful moment in which different cultures and faiths meet together in search for dignity, solidarity, and support. The

    ceremony was opened by the Cacique (chief), with words of welcome and appreciation for the concern of the churches towards the indigenous cause. With pauses for prayers, the leaders and visitors shared profound, sacred moments with songs and conversations. After sharing a meal the whole group moved to the graveside of Clodiodi, where in a circle of prayer the silent reverberation of grief was deeply felt, and the blood-stained Brazilian flag waved above us in the wind.

    Visit to the Apka’i: the Power of the Ancestors

    Chief Damiana is the leader of a small indigenous community on the banks of the river. This community was bulldozed, destroying their homes, killing some men, women and children, and were expelled from their ancestral land. Chief Damiana anguishes as she has not been able to bury the dead in their land, and the ancestral cemetery is now part of a farm. Now she stands vigil from the roadside where she has made her dwelling place with the few belongings left to them.

    She stands there as a marker to those not only traveling by car and bus, but to remind us all that at the margins of the road we always find the injured, waiting for a Samaritan who can take them to an inn for rest and recovery.

    The IEAB continues to support the struggles of the Guarani-Kaiowa

    We know as Church that the struggle continues, that much blood has been spilled, and that greed behind the profits that come from these lands destroys hundreds of peoples and their livelihood and culture each and everyday. As Church we commit ourselves to advocate for them in Brazil as well as abroad. This is the plea of a people who are Brazilian, and bonds us to the struggles of all humanity to preserve our style of life, our lands, and our beliefs.

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    IEAB’s Primate thanks the Most Rev. Rowan Williams for his leadership as Archbishop of Canterbury 

    After reading about the leaving of Archbishop Rowan William at the end of 2012 I immediately wanted to express my thank you for the 10 years of loving service and dedication to the Anglican Communion.

    I was able to host him in Brazil in two different moments. Firstly when I was the Provincial Secretary and we hosted the Primate’s Meeting, in Gramado, in 2003. Secondly, after I became a Bishop of the Diocese of Brasilia, during the World Church Council Assembly in Porto Alegre in 2006.

    Since 2007, I have been working closely with him in every Primate’s Meeting since Dar es Salaan, Tanzania.

    These past 10 years were challenging and tense and I have seen Archbishop Rowan facing all adversities with faith in the Communion’s unity and strength.

    In the midst of these challenges, Archbishop Rowan leaves us all a legacy that needs to be reaffirmed and we must thank him for all the concrete actions he has been carrying out such as Lambeth Conference’s methodology in 2008, the humbleness with which he has conducted the Primates Meetings and the creation of the Anglican Alliance.

    Dear Archbishop Rowan, I thank God for yor life, mission and for your family.


    The Most Revd Mauricio Andrade

    Primate of IEAB

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    Innauguration of the Office of the General Secretary of IEAB 

    On the evening of April 14, at the temple of the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Anglican Diocese of São Paulo (DASP), an evening prayer service was held to ask for God’s blessing and officially inaugurate the Office of the General Secretary of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB).

    The event was attended by Presiding Bishop Maurício Andrade and Diocesan Bishop Roger Bird, who both conducted the solemn service. The following representatives were also present:

    IEAB – Glauco Soares (Presiding Bishop of the IEAB from 1994-2003), Magda Pereira (Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of Brasília), Mitsuo Noyama (Priest of the DASP), Sebastião do Prado (Deacon at Most Holy Trinity Parish), Leandro Campos (Priest-in-Charge at All Saints Church in Santos and Secretary of the DASP), Marco Chamadoira (Rector’s Warden of Most Holy Trinity Parish), Anthea Paterson (member of the Diocesan Council of the DASP), Sandra Andrade (Coordinator of the Anglican Service for Diakonia and Development – SADD) and a diocesan and parochial representative of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil Women’s Group (UMEAB).

    Ecumenical movement – Luiz Alberto Barbosa (Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Brasília and Executive Secretary of the Brazil Council of Christian Churches – CONIC), Gregório Teodoro (Priest of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church and representative of the Fraternity Movement of Christian Churches – MOFIC), Renato Bauermann (National Treasurer of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil – IELB), Daniel Souza (Regional Facilitator of the Ecumenical Youth Network – REJU), Mara Luz (Coordinator of Christian Aid in Brazil), Dimas Galvão (Representative of the Ecumenical Office for Service Coordination – CESE), Anivaldo Padilha and Ester Lisboa (Representatives of Koinonia Ecumenical Presence and Service), Roberto Cavalcante (Priest of the United Presbyterian Church of Brazil), Mario Rost (Priest of the IELB and Manager of Institutional Development of the Bible Society of Brazil – SBB), Darli Alves de Souza (Presbyter of the Independent Presbyterian Church of Brazil and Regional Secretary for Brazil of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI)) and Bernard Hervy (Roman Catholic Priest and representative of Christian Action Against Torture in Brazil – ACAT and the Christian Workers Movement – MTC).

    Hence more than 65 people representing the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity and other entities attended the service.

    The following messages were sent directly to the presiding bishop and the general secretary:

    “… I will be with you in spirit and in prayer; your work is so important and meaningful for our beloved IEAB” – Naudal Gomes, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Curitiba

    “… I am happy that yet another general secretary of an ecumenical church is being installed in São Paulo, a place that has been a ‘center of ecumenical events’” – Vera Roberto, of the Black Empowerment Group (Pastoral da Negritude) of the CLAI/Brazil

    “… Together with the Diocese I pray to God that all goes well. Congratulations to you for your courage and generosity! I think the decision is the right one for the future of the Church” – Sebastião Armando, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Recife

    “… We desire the rich blessings of the Eternal Father at this event and in the lives of our general secretary and his staff” – Filadélfo Oliveira, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro

    “… Undoubtedly, the move will bring great challenges for both the IEAB and the DASP, as well as the Parish of the Most Holy Trinity and Rev. Arthur himself… and I hope the new experience serves the demands of service and witness of the IEAB” – Dr. Pedro Triana, Priest of the DASP

    In his homily and reflection on John 10:19-42, Bishop Andrade emphasized the importance of hearing the voice of Jesus Christ amid the challenges in the life of the Church. He also encouraged laypeople and clergy alike to continue to honor, with courage and confidence, the mission confided to the IEAB.

    Traditional hymns from the Brazil’s Episcopal Hymnal and songs from the ecumenical movement were sung. The service ended with the song SAMPA (by Caetano Veloso) performed by musicians Xico Esvael and Marisa Gurgel.

    After the service, all those present were invited to visit the personal office of the general secretary and the office of the IEAB used by the assistant to the general secretary and the Anglican bookstore. Many people had the chance to see the Gallery of Presiding Bishops and the panels of the Lambeth Conferences.

    A cocktail was offered by the diocesan section of the UMEAB, Most Holy Trinity Parish, and the Office of the General Secretary.

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    The Rev. Arthur Cavalcante

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    Tragedy at Tasso da Silveira School in Rio de Janeiro 

    Brasilia, April 7th, 2011.

    “I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11,25.

    With great sadness we have been witnessing a day of tragedy in a school environment, at Tasso da Silveira school, in Rio de Janeiro.

    It is time for us to discuss our security system, specially the security in our public schools.

    It was a beautiful day, which looked like a normal day, just one more day of school for so many young students of Tasso da Silveira elementary, in Rio de Janeiro.

    In this tragedy, people close and people far away are sorry and are united in pain with the parents of the 12 murdered children. We too, from the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, are sorry and praying to God that He may comfort these families, wipe their tears and renew their hope in the resurrection.

    The moment is of pain. Pain for the parents of Larissa, Bianca, Géssica, Karine, Marissa, Samira, Ana Carolina, Luiza Paula, Laryssa, Milena and Rafael.

    Our prayer today is that “God, in all his kindness and mercy, comfort all these families in their pain, hold them together in His love so that they may be strengthen by his Grace. That they trust in His mercy and face the future days with courage and confidence in God’s Grace”.

    With our sympathy and prayers,


    The Most Rev. Mauricio Andrade

    Primate of IEAB

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – third day 

    Bishop Philip Poole and Canon Kenneth Kearon talked to an audience of more than one hundred people at the Cathedral of the Redeemer’s parish hall. Bishop Poole explained what the Compass Rose Society is about, while Canon Kearon gave a talk on the state of the Anglican Communion. People from the audience asked a few questions. Two online viewers also sent questions which were answered as well. People from the Cathedral’s congregation prepared a delicious meal for all guests, which included some typical Brazilian plates. All of us in Rio are very thankful for the work of the Compass Rose Society and for this opportunity, and wish all of them a safe travel to Belém!

    The website http://compassrose.ieab.org.br has more news stories about the Compass Rose mission trip to Brazil.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Compass Rose visit to Brazil – second day 

    On the second day of the Compass Rose visit, members went to Cidade de Deus, a poor community in Rio de Janeiro. There, they learned more about Christ the King Church and visited its ecumenical partners.

    Visit http://compassrose.ieab.org.br for more stories.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    IEAB in solidarity with the Japanese People 

    São Paulo, march 11th de 2011.

    To the bishops, clergy and people of the Church in Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai),

    Greetings in Christ Jesus!

    “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 124, 8

    On behalf of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil, I would like to stand in solidarity and prayer with the Japanese people in this time of calamity due to an earthquake which brought destruction and death.

    We have followed news stories coming from Japan with anxiety and despair. Our Church offers prayers for you that you may recover quickly from this catastrophe. The pain which you all feel is, on a different level, also felt by us.

    Our faith communities, especially this Sunday, will offer prayers for all people affected by this catastrophe in Japan.

    God have mercy on us and save us from every evil!


    The Rev. Arthur Cavalcante

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    Strong storms continue to cause damage and disasters in parts of Brazil 

    Southeastern Brazil is slowly recovering from the worst catastrophe in its history, which hit especially hard cities located in Rio de Janeiro State’s central mountains. The Diocese of Rio de Janeiro reports that more than 20,000 people have been displaced, and the death toll has risen to more than 800 people.  More than 500 people are still missing.

    Unusually strong rainstorms are now hitting Southern Brazil, especially in the State of Santa Catarina. There, more than 20,000 people have temporarily moved from their houses due to flooding.  To date, 5 people have died,  and 162 people have been wounded.

    Since the beginning of this crisis, messages of support have been sent by several Bishops and Archbishops throughout the Anglican Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury was one of the first to contact IEAB’s Primate, The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, and the Bishop of Rio de Janeiro, The Rt. Rev. Filadelfo Oliveira. On Jan 14th, Ms. Sally Keeble, the director of the Anglican Alliance,  reached IEAB’s offices and offered necessary help in dealing with the then-rising crisis.  A few days later, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, The Rt. Rev. Neil Alexander, opened a much needed account for online donations, which can be accessed here.

    Other messages of support came in the following days. The Most Reverend Roger Herft, Archbishop of Perth, in Western Australia, contacted Bishop Maurício to assure him that Brazilians were in his prayers. He noted that Australia, too, is facing similar disasters, “with floods affecting our eastern seaboard and recent severe bushfires affecting Western Australia.” The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, The Most. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, also sent a message of support on Jan 20th. She offered prayers for the victims affected and for their safe resettlement, and reminded us of the need to have “reverence for this fragile earth, our island home.” Bishop Filadelfo, of Rio de Janeiro, confirmed that, upon request, Episcopal Relief and Development is donating US$ 5,000.00 to help with relief efforts in Rio de Janeiro.

    The Rev. Olav Fyske Tveit, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, also expressed his body’s concern about such natural disaster. The WCC offered “encouragement to the local and national authorities who are working along with Brazilian churches and international organizations such as the Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people, bring support to the most vulnerable and rebuild this part of the country.”

    IEAB thanks all who have been praying and giving to help those who are in need. There is still much work to be done, and despite Brazil’s current economic growth, social inequalities are still abundant in this country. If you still wish to help financially, there are several ways to do so. Other than the Diocese of Atlanta’s account, it is possible to make direct deposits to the following accounts:

    A Brazilian account set up by the Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro and ready to receive deposits (including wire transfers from abroad):

    Banco Bradesco
    Agency: 3176-3
    Account: 433594-5

    IEAB’s International account.

    Citibank, NY
    East 53rd Street/ 16th Floor
    New York, NY 100432
    Holder: Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
    Account: 10213501
    Swift Code: CITIUS33

    If you send through any of these, please send a message to sec.geral@ieab.org.br and darj@ieab.org.br so your donation can be acknowledged. Also, if you want to help with relief efforts in Southern Brazil, please send such funds to IEAB’s International (Citibank) account and contact us through the aforementioned e-mails. We will make sure the funds are sent to the dioceses affected.


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Bishop-Elect of Southwestern Brazil