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    IEAB in solidarity with vicitms of flooding diaster in SE Brazil 

    As you all can see in the news, unusually heavy rain has been falling in Southeastern Brazil for days. The mountains in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro State have been affected by the worst rainstorms in their history. In cities such as Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo, hundreds of people have instantly died due to mudslides that caused entire hills to collapse. It is by far considered the worst catastrophe in Brazilian history.

    The area is served by two Anglican communities, plus an Anglican school, and it is time we unite to them and try to help all affected families. The Diocese of Rio de Janeiro is raising funds and donations through its Diocesan Offices and asking all to dedicate this 3rd Sunday after Epiphany to praying and helping all victims.

    The Rt. Rev. Filadelfo Oliveira, Bishop of Rio de Janeiro, has issued an appeal to all who can contribute with donations and prayers.

    Peace and goodwill to all.

    “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Mt. 25:35.

    As we see the tragedy that has affected the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro State, we cannot help but be in shock with the numbers of victims, and concerned with the lack of care for the environment that increases weather related catastrophes and natural disasters.

    On behalf of the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro, I am asking all friends abroad to help us raise funds which are needed to help our brothers and sisters who have lost their relatives, friends and houses. Remember, this is also part of the Christian Mission.

    In Christ’s Love


    Here are some ways to help the victims affected by such disasters.

    This Brazilian account was set up by the Anglican Diocese of Rio de Janeiro and is ready to receive deposits (including wire transfers from abroad):

    Banco Bradesco
    Agency: 3176-3
    Account: 433594-5

    Alternatively, donations can also be sent to IEAB’s International account.

    Citibank, NY
    153 East 53rd Street/ 16th Floor
    New York, NY 100432
    Holder: Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil
    Account: 10213501
    Swift Code: CITIUS33

    Please send us a message to sec.geral@ieab.org.br and darj@ieab.org.br so we can acknowledge your donation.

    Finally, the Anglican Communion Office has published a collect, composed by the Primate of Australia & Archbishop of Brisbane: the Most Revd Phillip Aspinall. Please join us in prayer by saying it.

    Great God, whose love for us knows no bounds, we pray for all those who are affected by floods: comfort all who grieve for loved ones lost; strengthen those who face destruction of homes, memories and livelihoods; encourage and sustain all who bring relief and assistance. Fill our hearts with compassion and generosity for all in need. As we face our greatest fears, may we know the assurance of your presence with us and hold fast to the promise of new life beyond all adversity. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives with you and the Holy Spirit: one God, now and for ever. Amen.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Back to Church Sunday promotes new and relational evangelism opportunities for IEAB 

    For the first time, the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil took part in a worldwide initiative called “Back to Church Sunday.” This project, which started in the Church of England Manchester Diocese, now challenges several church bodies around the world with the simple proposal to invite people who don’t attend any church to visit a church community on a given sunday.

    In Brazil, the project was officially held on September 26th, but some churches in particular chose to postpone it, só it would match other celebrations. Thirty churches of different sizes joined forces in inviting thousands of people for Back to Church Sunday. Due to geographical constraints and lack of resources among some of the participating churches, IEAB chose to adopt a more flexible approach regarding cards and invitations. Graphic files were available online and churches were encouraged to locally produce their own printed versions of it, either black and white or in color.

    Participating churches had an average attendance increase of 30% on Back to Church Sunday. These communities will be monitored by the project’s coordination for the upcoming months, in order to find out if they had long-term growth. But to many, more important than net results was the encouragement of the faithful to invest some of their time in evangelism. According to Morôni Azevedo de Vasconcelos, a parishioner of the Church of Good Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, the project managed to mobilize more people to work with goals and timelines for intentional evangelization. “When all commit themselves to bring at least one person to church on a given day, the faithful take the challenge to overcome their own shyness and their fear of being rejected, and the results we have seen só far were great. We had full churches on the day and even on the following Sundays.”

    The experience of welcoming visitors and people’s participation in such an endeavor was also important to the Rev. Ana Maria Esvael Lopes, of the Church of the Crucified, in Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul. Her suggestion, which echoes other people’s, is to promote “Back to Church” more than once a year, adapting it to the main feasts of the Christian year. According to the Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva, General Secretary of IEAB, this experience was fruitful in that the people of God rediscovered their missionary vocation. Now, he says, “it is time to move forward, welcome more people, and use their gifts in the Church for the growth of God’s Kingdom.”

    Some pictures of the event throughout the country can be seen here:


    More photographs can be seen on: http://picasaweb.google.com/devoltaaigreja2010


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis Silva is elected Bishop Coadjutor for the Southwestern Brazil Diocese 

    On Sunday, October 25th 2010, an extraordinary diocesan council was held in Santa Maria, RS, the See of the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil. The council was called to elect a Bishop Coadjutor, who will eventually succeed the Rt. Rev. Jubal Neves as the Diocesan. The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva, currently IEAB’s Provincial Secretary, was elected in the first round.  According to the Rev. Canon Carlos Getúlio Hallberg, the Diocese of Southwestern Brazil is known for electing bishops in the first round, having done the same in the last four episcopal  elections held there.  Here are the results:

    Clergy votes Lay votes
    Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva 14 34
    Rev. Ana Maria Esvael Lopes 06 19
    Rev. Canon Carmen Etel Alves Gomes 1 2
    Rev. Jorge Guaraci 1 0

    The council began with a lively celebration of the Holy Eucharist in a packed cathedral. According to the Primate, The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, people were seeking  the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and one could feel that it was a very special moment, despite all the pain experienced in the diocese in the months leading up to the election. The diocese has been prayerfully moving forward in the last months, after an unexpected disease forced the Rt. Rev. Jubal Neves  to be hospitalized, just months before he was set to retire.  Thanks be to God, his health has been improving, but sadly, he could not attend the  council.  IEAB renews its prayers for Bishop Jubal’s health, and for his family, and hopes he will be completely recovered soon.

    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva was not present at the council either. He spent the weekend in Tanzania, where he took part of ACT Alliance‘s Assembly, where he was elected Vice-Moderator.  ACT-Alliance is a network of ecumenical relief and mission agencies throughout the world.

    Upon learning of his election to the episcopacy in Santa Maria, he released a public statement, asking God to be his helper, and the Church to be his counselor throughout this new path.  He also expressed thanks for the warm words that he had received from people around the world, and asked everyone to keep him and and his wife, Talita, in their prayers.

    According to IEAB’s Canons, this election needs the consents of  a majority of  diocesan bishops and standing committees.  As soon as the consents are given, the consecration of Bishop-Elect Francisco de Assis da Silva will be scheduled.

    Francisco, also known as Xico, was born in Olinda, Pernambuco, and studied Theology at the Northern Brazil Baptist Seminary and Anglican Studies at Recife’s Anglican Seminary.  He was ordained a deacon in January 1991, and a priest in December 1991.  Prior to his current position as Provincial Secretary, he was the Rector of St. Mary’s Church in Belém do Pará, now St. Mary’s Cathedral in the Diocese of the Amazon.  He also worked at the Center for Anglican Studies, and was the Rector of All Saints’ Church in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul.  From 2003 to 2006, he was the President of the House of Clergy and Laity.  He is also a lawyer, and holds a Master’s degree in Political Science.


    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    IEAB saddened by death of Bishop Nerva Cot Aguilera 

    ENS reports that “Retired Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Cuba Nerva Cot Aguilera died suddenly on July 10 after a brief battle with severe anemia.” She was 71 years old and became the first woman bishop in Latin America.

    The primate of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brazil, the Most Rev. Maurício Andrade, emphasized that, as a church, “we are united with our Cuban brothers and sisters at this time of sorrow due to the death of bishop Nerva.”

    Bishop Nerva is survived by her husband, the Very Rev. Juan Ramon de la Paz Cerezo, who is dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Havana, and by three children: two daughters and a son. One of her daughters, the Rev. Marianela de la Paz Cot, has done postgraduate work at the Escola Superior de Teologia (affiliated with the Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession), in São Leopoldo, Brazil.


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    Happy Easter 

    The News Service of the Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil wishes all our readers and subscribers a Joyful Easter.

    Rafaello Sanzio. Christ’s Resurrection. Oil on wood, 52 X 44 cm, 1499-1502. São Paulo Art Museum.

    Alleluia! Christ is Risen.

    The Lord is risen indeed. Alleluia!


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    IEAB in Solidarity with Haiti 

    A Provincial Campaign was launched to raise funds to support Haiti after the tragedy we saw Tuesday.

    Destruction and pain: two words that sum up the tragedy that struck Haiti. The earthquake that hit the country has created a sad picture that must be overcome with the solidarity of the world. Children walking in the streets alone and injured, without direction, because they have lost their families. Bodies are everywhere. Mothers searching for news about missing children. Families marked by mourning. Lack of water, electricity, medical help, medicine, and all this in the midst of the urgency to bury the countless dead. The Haitian people are really in need of our help and every one of us must offer concrete help.

    Restoring hope and a decent future in Haiti is a difficult task, but if we each give our small collaboration we will overcome this challenge. Governments, churches and organizations around the world are doing their part to rehabilitate this beloved people. The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, moved by solidarity, also joins this movement and is launching the Solidarity with Haiti campaign.

    All donations will be sent to the Episcopal Relief Development fund to support the work of rebuilding the country.

    We are not a wealthy church, but we have a rich heart and our prayers are being raised to God for those in Haiti through our thoughts and actions.


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    Our Deep Concern over the Tragedies in Haiti 

    Prayers and concrete support are needed to those who are now without homes, schools, hospitals, and experiencing the pain of losses of parents. May God help us to stand besides this beloved people who is part of one of the most poor countries in the world. If you want to contribute and support the work of rebuilding Haiti please send your contribution to ERD – Episcopal Relief Development at http://www.er-d.org.

    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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    IEAB Publishes Official Note on the Proposed Ugandan Bill 

    “Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves.” (Blaise Pascal)

    International society has, throughout its long history, adopted new levels of conscience and freedom and gradually overcome several ways of excluding human beings because of their race, economic status, culture, beliefs and sexuality. We understand this process as a consequence of God’s love for humankind. The Church, as part of it, has the responsibility of courageously defending the advancement of respect for all peoples, based in the law of love.

    The Church itself accepted discrimination in the past, and in many cases helped promote people’s exclusion, revealing its incapacity of responding to its own time’s demands. God’s spirit, however, has challenged the Church to understand that nobody has the right to act, or consent to actions, against any innocent person. This process of gradual spiritual enlightenment has allowed the Church to integrate those who, until very recently, were discriminated because of their ethnicity, opinion, gender and sexuality.

    We express, in the light of the Gospel, our deep opposition to legal measures currently being studied in Uganda in order to implement an unacceptable persecution to homosexual people. First of all, such measures take us back to a time of ignorance and barbarity. They are gravely against human rights, and an unacceptable measure in our times. Also, no Christian is allowed to persecute or even threaten other human beings because of the way they live their sexuality. It is acceptable not to agree with someone, but it is an abomination to exert prejudice towards anybody.

    An eventual approval of such measures demands a clear and eloquent witness against the imposition of a de facto police state, and for the defense that every person is able to live fully (including their sexual orientation) within the principles of love, mutual respect and commitment to life. In a world where poverty and hunger kill more than wars, governments should be more concerned about fostering a society where there are no excluded people for any reason. Laws that end up promoting discrimination and exclusion, despite being abominable and contrary to human rights, end up masking unsolved problems that Uganda needs to face.

    As a final word, we remember that God’s main wish is that we live in love. Our faith tells us that “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” (Gl 3:28). The Law was already fulfilled by Jesus and we are entitled to manifest the Divine Grace in the world by ardently and compassionately loving all human beings.

    “He loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the Lord.” (Psalm 33:5)

    The Most Rev. Maurício Andrade

    Primate of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil

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    IEAB Responds to the Proposed Anglican Covenant 

    An official response to the Ridley Draft of the Anglican Covenant was published.  It reaffirms IEAB’s interest in engaging in conversation with fellow Anglicans around the world, while noting that an Anglican Covenant is not necessarily an appropriate way to do so.

    IEAB’s response also points out that our laity and clergy overwhelmingly support the first three sections of the covenant. However, to most Brazilian Anglicans, the fourth section presents some problems that need to be more thoroughly discussed.

    The official response can be accessed here: http://www.ieab.org.br/documentos/Pacto-IEAB-Efinal.pdf

    Luiz Coelho

    Communications WG Member

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    Pastoral Letter from the House of Bishops to the people of God (Passiontide 2009) 

    Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him. … They stood still, looking sad.”

    (Gospel of Saint Luke 24:13-17)

    As someone once said, one day, we too will find ourselves on the road to Emmaus. We have often sung: “In the hour of trial, Jesus… the night will soon fall, night in Emmaus…”[1]. In fact, the “stranger” was recognized but his presence quickly vanished from the sight of the disciples. The gathering, the conversation, and the revelation were blessed, unexpected, touching, and truthful.

    One might say that many times over the past few years in our experience as members of the IEAB, as citizens of our country, and – not least – in remembrance of our own personal and family life… we have been “looking sad.

    As Brazilians we suffer from widespread and almost always unpunished corruption. “Misery exists only because there is corruption” sings [rap singer] “Gabriel o Pensador”. We agonize under the contradictory conditions of a social reality that could be much better, fairer, healthier, and more promising. Millions of Brazilian families suffer the class apartheid that we know all too well. Our youth yearns for opportunities that, unfairly, they may never get.  The political reality is increasingly disappointing. In the past few decades, more-than-reproachable professional politicians are not only reelected but impair the health of a democratic process that we as citizens could harness. Health and education, both of which are required for people’s full dignity, have been giving up space to sleek advertising and official imposture. As Saint Luke says, we are “looking sad.

    In the life of the IEAB and its dioceses and parishes, we have also been perplexed by missteps in our way of being and acting. These adversities are found in other church traditions as well. The scarcity of resources does not seem to be the primary cause of a dramatic problem but it makes it much more difficult to overcome obstacles. In any event, “looking sad”… we find ourselves on the road to Emmaus. In our meeting of the House of Bishops, we heard sorrowful reports but at the same time were heartened by the sharing of much Good News that the Father has bestowed on many dioceses. The people of God of the IEAB have matured in their faith, but they have been through sad times and life-changing events. The Bishops thank God for the voice and wisdom of the laypersons who spoke at the meeting of the House. The road to Emmaus therefore shines, in this time of Resurrection, as the force of life transformation that we so need. Sadness does not need masks, which may be why it knocks us down and reinforces us so, not by our own courage but by the blessed presence of the Risen Lord at our side.

    Adversities and suffering are schools that teach us to see and understand things that before we could not fathom. Through the crises, we pray for more mature discernment in the experience of faith. On the way of the cross, captivated by the Crucified One, we are sustained by the communion and by the hope revealed to us as people of God, in view of Christ among us. But the ancient faith inherited from our forefathers must also witness the contemporary situations of indifference, injustice, despair, impoverishment, and a yearning for much more life. The Easter season reminds us that we are not orphans. We are not alone. The Church is not us, but God with us! The real meaning of faith in the Resurrection for us is a full understanding that changes must or could occur. It is through the light of the presence of the Risen One among us that we feel capable of changing and transforming. Rejection and death do not have the last word. The Risen Lord is the source of abundant, courageous, and healing life. It is through the light of the Easter of the Lord that we see our structures more clearly as a church of God. We love many of them. We recognize that they need healing and remodeling. We love the church even more but we do not confuse it with structures that should stay in their own time. Many of these forms no longer speak to our generation and to the way our people live. This is when adoration reappears as the most central fact of life and faith. Without adoration first, not even mission is justified.

    We must urgently let go of much of the noise inside us, in fear of silence. Quietly listing to the Father’s wisdom and beginning a life of personal piety, without losing emphasis on liturgy and pastoral practice, we envision, as in Emmaus, the semblance of the Risen One to encourage us.  The entire IEAB, beginning with its bishops, all the clergy “and the congregations confided to their care,” in this time of commemoration of the Resurrection face a serious call to seize the opportunity formetanoia, a radically new life of witness in mission.

    The mystery of the Resurrection of Jesus, which transformed so many generations before us, is now before us, patiently revealing new paths and opportunities. Easter calls us to experience the holy fermentation of renewed life. By participating in holy mysteries of the Bread and the Wine, we receive the gift of forgiveness and making amends.

    Meeting in Porto Alegre from 30 March to 3 April, the bishops of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (IEAB), in expectation of the week of the Lord’s Passion, prayed and interceded for our revival as a paschal people that overcomes death, announces hope, and seeds encouragement, and for our personal and ecclesial rediscovery of that which Christ teaches and reveals to us in Emmaus.

    If with sore affliction thou in love chastise; Pour thy benediction on the sacrifice: then upon thine altar freely offered up, though the faith may falter, faith shall drink the cup.” (Hymn 258)

    Note: The House of Bishops, meeting in Porto Alegre from 31 March to 3 April, unanimously decided to postpone the Synod and the National Conference of Church Leaders of the IEAB due to the 2010 commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the IEAB (and remembrance of the 200 years of the British Chaplaincy in Brazil). This transfer will not only allow us to better prepare for the events and the celebrations, but it will also give us more time to continue our work of collecting and analyzing information. It is also possible that His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams may be with us on such a special occasion, side by side with other invitees and visitors we are expecting.

    Porto Alegre, 03 de abril de 2009

    Dom Maurício Andrade, Primaz e Brasília

    Dom Almir dos Santos, Oeste

    Dom Jubal Pereira Neves, Santa Maria-RS

    Dom Orlando Santos de Oliveira, Porto Alegre, RS

    Dom Naudal Alves Gomes, Curitiba, PR

    Dom Sebastião Armando Gameleira Soares, Recife, PE

    Dom Filadelfo  de Oliveira Neto, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

    Dom Saulo Maurício de Barros, Belém, PA

    Dom Renato da Cruz Raatz, Pelotas, RS

    Dom Roger Bird- São Paulo, SP

    Dom Clovis Erly Rodrigues, Emeritus

    Dom Luiz Osório Pires Prado, Emeritus

    Dom Glauco Soares de Lima, Emeritus

    [1] Hymn 258 of the 1962 IEAB Hymnal (“In time of trial”)


    The Rev. Canon Francisco de Assis da Silva

    Provincial Secretary of IEAB

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